1. Start

Choose how to start building a lesson or resource.

Combine existing resources

Combine PDFs, PPTs, Lumio lessons, and Google documents into interactive, student-centered lessons.


Start with a video

Show your students the world. Watch videos without commercials.

Icon-new page

Start with a new page

Add new pages throughout your lesson to capture and illustrate new ideas.


Add a ready-made graphic organizer or manipulative

Save time and frame classroom discussions with these ready-made resources that you can send to student devices.

2. Enhance

Add interactivity to enhance the lesson.

Create an assessment

Assessment made easy! Knowing your students is now simpler than ever.

Icon-Game-Based Activity

Create a game-based activity

In less than five minutes, create a game-based activity students will love.


Add a ready-made activity

Instantly add ready-made pages that activate prior knowledge and help students question and reflect.

Add instructional audio

Add your voice to any page to personalize a lesson and guide students.

3. Engage

Engage students on their devices individually or in collaborative groups.

Create an individual handout

Move from static to active with the click of a button. Create an interactive, individual handout.

Create a collaborative workspace

Provide a Think Tank for student creation and real-time collaboration.

Visualize math concepts with Desmos

The Desmos graphing calculator makes learning math concepts a visual and engaging experience.

Explore with PhET interactive simulations

Quickly add engaging, interactive, research-based simulations to any Lumio lesson.

4. Deliver

Connect student devices and capture teachable moments as you deliver your lesson.

Connect student devices

Use 'Teacher-Pacing' during whole-group instruction. Switch to 'Student-Pacing' when you want students to explore the lesson on their own.

Add a whiteboard

Capture a teachable moment, brainstorm, or work through more examples.

Start a brainstorming session

Instantly capture student ideas, questions, and connections in one space.

Enhance the student reading experience

Help students boost reading comprehension and increase fluency with Immersive Reader.

5. Share

Share the lesson you've created with students and colleagues.

Share with teachers

The more we share, the more we have!

Share with students

Put interactive lessons, notes, and activities in your students' hands, in or out of class.

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