Trademarking usage

Trademarking words

SMART's trademarks are adjectives that must be used with approved nouns so the trademark is not used in a generic sense.

Trademarking logos

SMART’s logo designs are trademarked and must display a ™ symbol according to the logo guidelines in SMART’s Corporate Logo Guide (PDF 357 KB).

Marking trademarks

The first occurrence of a SMART trademark in the body of any text should be followed by the trademark symbol,™.

If the formatted ™ symbol is not available to you, simply use parentheses to denote the trademark designation, (TM). Do not include a space before the trademark symbol or use italics for the trademark symbol, regardless of the format of text that precedes it.


Use the exact form of SMART's trademarks. Do not change the form of the mark. Some marks use a design in a word, or words, with a particular arrangement of lowercase and uppercase letters, or a particular font or font style. Always use only the particular design of lowercase and uppercase letters, font or font style of the mark.


Incorrect Correct
Smartboard SMART Board
The Board SMART Board

Other guidelines include the following:

  • Do not use any SMART trademark as a verb (e.g., I was SMART Boarding.
  • Do not abbreviate or use a shorthand version of any SMART trademark (e.g., the SBiw)
  • Do not add prefixes or suffixes, numbers or symbols as part of any SMART trademark (e.g., the pre-Sympodium era)
  • Never use SMART's trademarks in possessive or plural form (e.g., The SMART Board’s many features


Proper attribution must be given to the trademark symbols. Attribution should correspond to the order mentioned in the text.


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